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Campus Tour Checklist: Every Question You Need to Ask March 28, 2023

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If You Want To Know Which Cosmetology School Is Right For Your, A Tour Can Help. Here Are Questions You Should Ask While Touring Campuses.

Get Ready to Rock Your Tour of TSPA Delray Beach With Our Campus Tour Guide!

You’ve been dreaming of diving into the beauty industry, and now, you can finally take that first step — going to beauty school.

You’re in good company, too. Research shows that today’s beauty industry is projected to increase by 33% between 2020 and 2030.

If you want to know which cosmetology, barber, full specialty, skin care or nail school is right for you, a tour can help.

However, you may be wondering what to look for on a tour. In addition, you might be wondering “what questions I should ask while touring campus.” And “How do I know if this is the right school for me?”

Here’s a rundown on how to prepare for a tour and the questions you should ask while touring campus.

Let’s dig in!

What to Look for on a Tour

During a beauty school campus tour, you should pay close attention to the school’s layout and atmosphere.

Ideally, the layout should be simple enough for you to navigate daily. Perhaps you plan to become a cosmetologist. Find out where you’ll be attending cosmetology classes, check out the classrooms, ask to meet the educators and see the color bar area, lockers & breakroom and other student areas.

Also, check out the students energy and watch how the educators and students interact and how students appear when sitting in class or working in the school’s salon. If they look happy to be there, you’ll likely be happy there, too.

What to Do Before the Tour

Before you go on your tour, you’ll need to have several items on hand. These items include:

  • Your birth certificate,
  • Social Security number, and
  • GED or high school diploma.
  • You should also bring your driver’s license or another photo identification card.

In addition, let’s say you’ve already begun to research Federal Student Aid (FSA). During this process, you may have established an FSA ID, which is a password and username that will give you access to the federal government’s online financial aid system. Be sure to bring your FSA ID with you on your tour as well.

You will need these items to enroll in your chosen beauty career program if you decide to join the program on the day of the tour.

Also, be sure to take a close look at the school’s social media channels. The school’s Facebook and Instagram pages, for example, will show you how much your potential program is growing. It will also reveal the individual creativity the program welcomes, as well as the school’s scale of artistry.

Questions I Should Ask While Touring Campus

The following are the top campus tour questions to ask as you evaluate your prospective training institution:

  • Is your school accredited?
  • What is the tuition for the program?
  • How long will each program take?
  • What is required to apply?
  • How does your school stay on-trend with education?
  • Do you teach your students how to market themselves?

You should also ask if the school provides career services.

How Do I Know If This Is the Right Delray School for Me?

You can tell that the beauty school you’re touring is right for you if you like the culture of the school.

You will be interacting with the school’s counselors, instructors, and students extensively. So, assess how comfortable you feel when around them. If they make you feel welcome and inspire you, they’ll likely be a great fit for you.

How We Can Help You Achieve Your Beauty Career Goal

If you’re interested in beauty school, you might be wondering what to look for on a tour. You might also wonder “what questions I should ask while touring campus, and “How do I know if this is the right school for me?”

While on tour, you should consider how comfortable the staff and students make you feel. In addition, ask if the school is accredited.

At The Salon Professional Academy, Delray Beach, we check all the boxes above. We’re proud to offer multiple programs for those pursuing careers in cosmetology. Contact us to learn more about our training today!

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